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10 Days!

There was an Olympic buzz around the office today. All of the folks from Toronto have now arrived. Lloyd Robertson will be broadcasting from our office when the games begin. We continued to have the best coverage of the trucks delivering snow to Cypress.

If you want to come up to the games, but don’t want to spend much money, check this out.

Shannon Paterson on cheap 2010 Olympic rentals

There was some other news that was interesting as well. A police car crashed into an apartment complex. A cruise line that was going to serve as a floating hotel notified guests that demand was not high enough and it would not be present in Vancouver for the games.

Norma Reid on Olympic cruise ship accommodations

I work early again tomorrow. Public transportation is getting much busier with all the road closures downtown.

10 days until the opening ceremony!

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One response

  1. Greg Jewell

    Wow, what an adventure you are on…enjoy the ride!
    Greg Jewell

    February 3, 2010 at 1:44 am

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