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Long day!

The early mornings I have worked are starting to catch up with me. I made it through the day, and kept pressing on. I met my friend Robert and several others for dinner as I completed my shift. We ate mexican food at a restaurant on Robson. It was decent, but no comparison to Taxco or Colima. I met some great people who I hope I will see again. After dinner most of us parted ways. Robert and I went and took pictures of the new light display called “Vectorial Elevation”. This is a real unique light display because users can get on the internet and design their own light show. You can design your show here:


The light display was real impressive and really got me into the olympic spirit!

Most of the larger countries with a delegation have a gathering place for athletes, coaches, media, fans and anyone who wants to help celebrate the olympics with the given country. I visited the swiss house. Here you can see a large chocolate inukshuk (pronounced ‘in-ook-shook’)


Here are some other photos from the Swiss house on Granville Island.

Here I am with an inukshuk downtown.

I still have yet to go to the Granville Island market but I know how to get there now! Here is the sign at the entrance to Granville Island. Granville Island is serviced by the new “Olympic Line”, a free way for guests to move from Granville Island to the Olympic Village sky train station. The train is on loan from Brussels, Belgium. It is VERY nice. Notice the leather seats.

Work today was very busy. I worked on the Toyota recall story. There were pin collectors waiting in line at the studio when I arrived at 9:30! When I left around 7, there were nearly a thousand viewers outside the station. I’m thinking our olympic broadcasts are going to be very special! It was exciting seeing the new 82 inch plasma get mounted. You can notice how many more people are in town for the games. I’ve seen Russian and Australian athletes cruising through downtown. I don’t work until late in the afternoon

Best Regards,



2 responses

  1. A huge Lindt Swiss dark chocolate Olympic inukshuk. Yummy. If I had seen it in person, security would have to restrain me from eating the artwork! Thanks for sharing the photos of the Swiss House on Granville Island.

    Hope you can experience the Granville Market in the coming days. Enjoy your weekend.

    February 5, 2010 at 3:21 pm

  2. Hi Tucker & Dana,

    The next night I went back to the Swiss House. I was more than a little disappointed to find out that the huge chocolate Inukshuk was in fact … made out of wood! 😦

    Unless, of course, they hid the real chocolate one on the public!!

    February 6, 2010 at 12:36 am

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