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Jello Legs!

Words do not describe what today was like. Pictures don’t illustrate even a partial picture. What I experienced today is something that I will have with me forever and is something that no one could ever take away from me. It was not a material object, it was a feeling that inspires. Today I was a part of a broadcast that was somewhat experimental. CTV used many resources that had not been utilized ever before in a broadcast of this type, partly because there has never been a broadcast of this type by a local station and also because there were some forms of technology that are groundbreaking in broadcasting.

In the show we had continuous live coverage of the torch. Not once did we lose the flame. we followed it 33 kilometers over land and water. Along the way reporters did 27 live hits. Each passing of the flame had its own camera assigned to it.

I served as an assistant floor director for the studio during the 9 hour torch relay. I saw emotions that ranged from tears of joy to tears of sadness in our audience.

I saw many people who are difference makers. I saw protestors who showed angst, and I saw protestors who showed passion in regards to the olympic games.

These pictures only tell part of the story. It would take me 9 hours to go through everything that went on today. Every moment had an emotion and that emotion will be with me forever.

Thats me at the anchor desk around 4 a.m.!

4 Olympic torches and the person in charge of the torch relay for coca-cola.

People waiting on the street behind the set for the torch relay.

The torch passing the set! It is dead center!

Nikki Yanofski, the girl who sings the Olympic “I Believe” song

Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada.

Some of the Norway delegation outside of the set.

The Barenaked Ladies making a suprise appearance on the set!

Joe Biden’s motorcade outside of the CTV studio.

You can see how the emotion changed when they announced the death of the Georgian luge athlete.

It was an exciting day to say the least. Go check out the Opening Ceremony!

Let the games begin,



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