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Canada Loves Hockey

Hello All,

Today was a pretty busy day, I felt like I got a lot done. Canadian medalist Clara Hughes was supposed to come on set, but was unable to make it.

We have been chasing down leads on the Missing actor Andrew Koenig. Tonight his family came to a remote live hit for Larry King Live and abruptly left the set with no explanation as to why they were leaving. We were made aware of this by TMZ. I spent a good part of the night getting in touch with CNN and trying to get to the bottom of this. We still don’t have good information about the status of the case.

Things have been real exciting up here. It is hard to believe that the Olympics are almost over. A lot of employees gathered to watch the Hockey game on the set plasma television.

I ran into these fans on my dinner break.




One response

  1. Douglas Powell

    Great job on the blogs and pictures Tucker. Hope it has been an enjoyable and great experience.

    February 26, 2010 at 8:56 am

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