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Car Horn Celebration!

I have never heard as many car horns as I heard today. When Canada won today’s gold medal hockey game the sound of car horn’s erupted on Robson Street. I have never seen such Jubilant celebration, for any event. The charisma in the air was infectious and I was left with a feeling of excitement. There were hooligans’ everywhere, and in some cases they looked like fools.

In other cases, they were just proud to be Canadian. The pride they showed was well issued.

Canada should be very proud of the 2010 Olympics. These games will be very memorable to all 99% of the Canadian citizen’s who tuned into the 2010 olympic games. CTV has been complemented highly by the international broadcasting community. The CTV olympics website has had over 200 million page views. It has been incredible to be a part of this. Here are some shots I like that show the Canadian spirit.

Here are the hockey fans in the CTV studio.

Best Wishes!



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