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Lynn Canyon and Deep Cove

So, I went on an adventure with Linda and Patrick today. I went to Lynn Canyon and Deep Cove. The weather was fantastic! Lynn Canyon is a beautiful place filled with large trees and a neat suspension bridge over a beautiful cascading set of falls along a river that holds a lot of salmon during their runs from the ocean. Here are some photo’s of Lynn Canyon.

The water was actually this color! It was amazing.

After Lynn Canyon we headed off to Deep Cove. We ate dinner at a nice little bistro overlooking the water and we caught a nice sunset from inside the restaurant.

Here is a photo of Deep Cove.

I’m very happy that the Western Carolina basketball team won today, but it doesn’t matter if they won unless they can win the southern conference tournament. I was also glad to see the Western baseball team win a big game today, hopefully they can keep their momentum and beat ECU tomorrow.




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  1. john horne

    Winning the BB SOCON would be big .but every win is good- some teams were not so fortunate to win yesterday( no matter who you played). Let us use my BB logic – earlier in the season we beat Louiville, and luck would have it ,they beat Syracuse(#1 Team in the Nation)yesterday- You told me we had a basketball program at WCU. I am proud that WCU won and it would be sweet to beat Wofford and ECU in baseball. Good luck today. Man, Ritchie Gordon came to play, nice guy- the whole team did well together!!

    March 7, 2010 at 8:33 am

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