Recent Graduate, Experienced Journalist and Competitive Fly Fisherman


I’ve got my green Bermuda shorts out, and I’ve started thinking about packing (a big step if you know me!). I’m excited to relax and have some much needed time with my parents. I felt honored that they wanted me to join them on the trip celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. We are going to be traveling to Bermuda on a cruise, which sounds good to me!

I’ve got a new camera so I should be able to document our trip well. Right now I think I’m most excited about getting to Tucker’s Town.

I drove to Virginia to drop my grandmother off with my uncle for the duration of our trip. My family has committed to not checking our email, facebook or cell phones while we are gone. I don’t know how I’ll do without social media in my life. It has been a long time since I’ve gone with out the internet for over 3 days!

I look forward to sharing pictures with all of you! I’ve got lots of other fun trips planned for the summer including a trip to Key West and maybe Washington D.C. I’ll be spending lots of time in the mountains and hopefully some quality time at home. I’m hoping I can drag my dad out fishing with me some!



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